Dubbing Street / Petr Zelenka

There are two things the Czechs are really good at: drinking alcohol and dubbing

Dubbing Street

Martin MyšičkaHynek ČermákVáclav NeužilKlára MelíškováJana Holcová • Lada Jelínková

stage design Nikola Tempír costume design Vladimíra Fomínová
music Marek Doubrava dramaturgy Karel František Tománek
directed by Petr Zelenka

PREMIERE 01.12.2012
RUNNING TIME 2 hour 50 minutes, including an interval

Dubbing Street is the third play Petr Zelenka wrote for Dejvické divadlo. And he directed it himself. Dubbing Street is a play about people who failed to run a promisingly prospering dubbing studio. Actually it could almost be a comedy, if it wasn't for the man who changed everyone’s life…

World premiere