Martha Issová / Born 22. 3. 1981

Martha Issová graduated in 2000 from Prague Conservatory. She performed at the Na Fidlovačce Theatre, the V Řeznické Theatre, the Bez zábradlí Theatre and at the Černá labuť Theatre. In 2005 she appeared as a guest artist in the role of Pamina in the Dejvické Theatre’s production of The Magic Flute, a year later she became a permanent member of the dramatic ensemble.
Her first significant role in the Dejvické Theatre was Ottilie in Elective Affinities (directed by J. A. Pitínský).
Apart from the Dejvické Theatre she performs at the V Řeznické Theatre and Kalich Theatre.
Martha Issová is also a well-known film and television actress. She faced the camera for the first time in 1997 already in the fairy tale Františka aneb O zelených svících a Černé Matce Boží (‘Františka, or Green Candles and The Black Madonna’). Since then, she has played a variety of roles, as in the series Hop nebo trop and Dobrá čtvrť (‘Good District’), in the films Kukačky (‘Cuckoos’), Tajnosti (‘Secrets’), Líbáš jako bůh (‘You Kiss Like a God’). Her most memorable role to date is Ofka in Night Owls (2008), for which she was awarded Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was nominated for Český lev Award.

Previous Stage Roles:
Mimi – The Robber, Na Fidlovačce Theatre, 2002
Trudi – Horoskop pro Rudolfa II. (‘Horoscope for Rudolf II’), Na Fidlovačce Theatre, 2003
Fairy May – The Curious Savage, Na Fidlovačce Theatre, 2003
Belzer – When She Danced, Bez zábradlí Theatre, 2005
Aranka – Help, V Řeznické Theatre, 2005
Mary – Pink Champagne, Černá labuť Theatre, 2006

Roles in the Dejvické divadlo:
Pamina – The Magic Flute, 2005
Ann – KFT/Reality Sandwiches®, 2005
Katerina – The Brothers Karamazov, since 2006
Ottilie – Elective Affinities, 2006
Brenda – Black Hole, 2007
Olga Sergievna Ilyinitch – Oblomov, since 2008
Aglaya – The Idiot, since 2008
Michelle - Debris, 2009
Daughter, Irma - The Man Without a Past, 2010
Woman A - Bluebeard/draebeulB, 2010
Ooojika - Wanted Welzl, 2011

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