Simona Babčáková • Stella Ginger Janáčková / Ema Novotná / Anežka Novotná • Veronika Khek KubařováJana Holcová • Barbora Poláková • David Novotný • Jaroslav Plesl

set design Jan Hubínek costume design Simona Rybáková
music Kittchen dramaturgy Karel František Tománek
directed by Jiří Havelka

PREMIERE 19.12.2014
RUNNING TIME 1 hour 30 minutes, without an interval

Wendy is not the same as her peers. There is a way in which she is completely different, exceptional. She finds it hard to enter into relationships with other people, to manage ordinary everyday situations, and some of her reactions are utterly shocking. Wendy has a real problem with her surroundings. However, that doesn’t mean she has no interest in contact with other people. It is just a lot harder for her because she doesn't know how to go about it. In fact, Wendy is autistic…