Lukáš PříkazkýJaroslav PleslTomáš JeřábekPavel ŠimčíkVladimír Polívka • Petr Vršek • Klára MelíškováAnna Fialová • Denis Šafařík • Eva Suková ml. • František Beleš • Pavel Prais • Martin Suchánek • Otakar Košťál • Jan Davídek

theatre adaptation Daniel Majling set design Pavol Andraško costume design Katarína Hollá music Michal Novinski dramaturgy Eva Suková, Daniel Majling
directed by Michal Vajdička

PREMIERE 03.03.2024
RUNNING TIME 2 hours 20 minutes, including an interval

A theatrical adaptation of the work of two French authors, Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin, who, in the form of a graphic novel, described several pivotal days after the death of Soviet dictator J. V. Stalin, during which fierce struggles for his succession took place.

After Stalin's death, it looked for a while as if Russia might come to its senses and be able to break herself free from brutal authoritarian rule and move at least a little closer to democracy. Unfortunately, it did not take long before the first shot was fired and the new masters of the Kremlin concluded that Russia could not do without violence, manipulation and sacrifices. This thwarted attempt is the subject of a satire set in the Kremlin environment... Let’s hope that Russia will not lose this fight yet again when the current Kremlin masters will finally depart...
Michal Vajdička