The sort of situations as „someone likes someone, but he/she likes someone else“ is typical of Chekhov and of all his plays it is the most typical feature of The Seagull. Its lovesick and suffering characters are like dominoes. This aspect of the play is treated almost instructively in Dejvické divadlo: the suffering from unrequited love is strikingly omnipresent in the production. Suffering that is somewhat ridiculous and grotesque, almost always a little awkward. And besides that, it is quite understandable: characters that would „deserve“ love and would be able to requite it are greatly lacking. Nina with her irresistible smile is loved by all the men in a way but that is just love for an empty shell without any distinct content.
Vladimír Mikulka,

That in a Chekhovian way awkward love chasing doesn’t intend to be ostentatiously original. The stage designer Pavol Andraško has situated it in a gallery that is literally crammed with realistic and impressionistic landscapes and itself set in a huge wooden picture frame.
Nevertheless, The Seagull in Dejvické divadlo is a major theatrical event. It is delightful in the preciosity of performance, in the way it adapts Chechkov and in the unusual ways it interprets his situations. There is no need to be afraid of the three and a half hours. They pass more quickly than the first act alone in many other theatres..
Michal Zahálka, Hospodářské noviny