Klára MelíškováMartin MyšičkaVladimír PolívkaVeronika Khek Kubařová / Anna FialováPavel Šimčík

translated by František Fröhlich set design Petr B. Novák costume design Alena Dziarnovich (pedagogical guidance Kateřina Štefková) music Michal Novinski dramaturgy Eva Suková
directed by Jiří Pokorný

PREMIERE 15.04.2019

Ghosts may cause something of a stir in some quarters, as it should be. For if it were to fail to do so, there would be little purpose in writing it in the first place.
Henrik Ibsen

Walking down the street one cannot cease to be amazed at what or whom one encounters. The past reveals itself in people’s faces without them having the slightest awareness. Ghosts. More often than not people are loathe to admit to their presence inside them.