Therapy / Petr Zuska and others...

Which one of us is a therapist and which one is a patient?


Jana HolcováVeronika Khek KubařováKlára MelíškováZdeňka ŽádníkováHynek ČermákMartin MyšičkaVladimír PolívkaPavel Šimčík

set design Jan Dušek costume design Kateřina Štefková assistant choreographer Zuzana Susová music cooperation Marek Doubrava cooperation on dramaturgy Eva Suková
directed by Petr Zuska

PREMIERE 14.10.2021
DERNIERE 04.04.2023
RUNNING TIME 1 hour 30 minutes, without an interval

Therapy is an original play authored by conductor, choreographer and dancer Petr Zuska who has, for the very first time, entered into a collaboration with the Dejvice Theatre. In many respects this piece constitutes something unusual and exceptional for the theatre. The aim to accompany a piece with the worlds of various artistic genres – featuring, among other things, verses by Czech poets – has taken some time for the theatre to mature and in the end Petr Zuska only proved to be a natural choice.
Poetry and theatre, theatre and movement, movement and music and song meet and link up in the piece and everything interacts with everything else, making for a compact and distinctive theatre experience.
We would like to bring to your attention the fact that a stroboscope is featured during the performance.