A Blockage in the System / Irvine Welsh

Why is God sitting on the bench
Based on Irvine Welsh's collection of short stories and film screenplay The Acid House

A Blockage in the System

Ivan TrojanVáclav NeužilMiroslav KrobotMartin Myšička / Pavel Šimčík • Martin Pechlát / Martin MyšičkaJaroslav Plesl / Lukáš PříkazkýHynek Čermák / Matěj Hádek • Petr Vršek • Jana HolcováKlára MelíškováLenka Krobotová

stage adaptation Daniel Majling translation Olga Bártová set design Pavol Andraško
Marián Čekovský dramaturgy Daniel Majling, Eva Suková
directed by Michal Vajdička

PREMIERE 20.02.2012
DERNIERE 19.04.2023
RUNNING TIME 2 hours 50 minutes, including an interval
PRODUCTION SPONSOR TOI TOI, sanitární systémy, s. r. o. / PRIMÁTOR, a. s.

Considering a great number of swear words that are an essential part of dialogues of the play, it is not suitable for spectators younger than 15 years and the ones particulary sensitive to such way of speaking.

The Dejvické divadlo’s play A Blockage in the System is based on a short story collection The Acid House written by the well-known Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh. The abstract in the second Czech edition of the book published in 2008 says:
(...) It is Welsh’s second book, full of “pictures of the scum’s social life”. And he lived up to his reputation, examining again the dark corners of the world and a soul. (...) Being a member of the Edinburgh’s working class, the narrator talks big, his language is horrifying, full of vulgarisms, slang phrases, mangled and pseudowords but it is by no means drab and boring. That’s because there is humor in it, although it is rather black, cynical and brutal - but is there another way to describe the real life? And there is also one rule - that there’s no happy ending among the short stories and that it has never been so bad that it couldn’t be worse.

Daniel Majling’s stage adaptation is created with a remarkable sensitivity to Irvine Welsh’s poetics and yet it makes an entirely distinctive work.