Václav NeužilMartha IssováLenka KrobotováSimona BabčákováTomáš JeřábekPavel ŠimčíkLukáš Příkazký • Eva Suková ml. and others

set design Pavol Andraško costume design Katarína Hollá music Matěj Kroupa movement design Marek Zelinka dramaturgy Eva Suková
directed by Ivan Trojan

PREMIERE 14.09.2021
RUNNING TIME 2 hours 20 minutes, including an interval

This is the third piece Daniel Majling wrote specifically for the Dejvice Theatre Company. Its dramatic storyline is set in a theatre which, in many ways, resembles our own, but it is not us. After the opening night of The Sufferings of Young Werther the members of a theatre company are confronted with an announcement from one of their midst. Henceforth nothing will be the same…

“Theatre provides a safe frame within which we can explore dangerous extremities in the comfort of fantasy and the reassurance of a group.” (Declan Donnellan)