Rosénka folk ensemble is a part of community interest company Dejvické divadlo, founder of which is the municipal district Prague 6.

Rosénka was founded in 1982 by Radmila Baboráková who originally designed it as a children group. Initially, it counted just twenty children aged from 6 to 10 and it didn’t even have its own musicians.  The children learnt games, counting-out rhymes, songs and dances originating in Uherské Hradiště region (southeast of the Czech Republic). Later a musical group traditionally including a dulcimer was established and the ensemble gradually gained new members. Since a new generation of young dancers was ready to take the place of the grown-up children, the ensemble split up into two groups, Little and Big Rosénka. Over time, more and more children were coming, and thus a preparatory course, Medium Rosénka and a children musical group came into existence. 

After the retirement of Radmila Baboráková in 2011, Zuzana Cílová became the artistic director and choreographer of the ensemble. Cílová has been working with Rosénka as a teacher and choreographer since 1995.

Folk ensemble Rosénka has nowadays about 200 members aged between 3 and 35 who are divided into ten groups according to age. The ensemble not only has its own musicians but also cooperates with Muzička musical group that is largely made up of Rosénka’s former members.  

There are both events on a regular basis and special events organised during the year, including regular performances in Prague, events for children and elderly people or TV appearances. Rosénka performs at various festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad, often as a guest of other folk ensembles as well. Members can participate on weekend workshops and holiday camps.