Antonie Formanová

Antonie Formanová

Born 30. 6. 1998

Antonie Formanová graduated from DAMU, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. During her studies she participated in several original creative endeavours as an actress, puppeteer or co-author. She has long been interested in improvisation and occasionally performs with the NO A! theatrical group led by Simona Babčáková. In addition to the theatre productions mentioned below, she is featured in the television films Dukla 61 and Balada o pilotovi (A Pilot Tale), in the movie Hranice lásky (Borders of Love) by Polish director Tomasz Wiński or in Michal Nohejl’s award-winning film debut Okupace (Occupation).
She has been a member of the Dejvice Theatre ensemble since 2023.

Previous theatre roles:
III. nádvoří 48/2 – DISK Theatre, 2021
RAF RAF RAF (also as a co-author) – DISK Theatre, 2022
Po škole – A studio Rubín, 2022

Current theatre roles:
Nothing Else, Mothers – ProFitArt, 2021
…because of Alma – BodyVoiceBand, 2022
JUMBO (also as a co-author), 2022
Dlouhý, Široký a Bystrozraký (Mr. Tall, Mr. Wide and Mr. Sharp-sighted), (also as a co-author), Minor Theatre, 2023

Roles in Dejvické divadlo:
Eliška – The Liver, 2019
Mrs Ponza – Right You Are (If You Think You Are), 2022
Michaela – (Where’s that Fish?), 2023
Dina – Right You Are (If You Think You Are), from 2023
Tomorrow, or Who Is a Gentleman Here, from 2023
The Battle of Hernani, 2023
Pavla, journalist – The Elegance of the Molecule, from 2024