Miroslav Krobot

Miroslav Krobot

Actor, Director
born 12.11.1951

After studies on Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Miroslav Krobot worked as a stage director in the West Bohemian Theatre Cheb, later in the DVÚ Hradec Králové and since 1984 in the Realistic Theatre in Prague. Direction of the play Merlin, or the Wasteland was his first cooperation with Ivan Trojan. He was awarded the Czech Literature Fund Prize 1988 for this play. However, he received this prize for the first time in 1985 already for the adaptation of Vasily Shukshin’s short stories Lines on the Palm. In 1900 Miroslav Krobot became the main director of the National Theatre in Prague, where he staged his own dramatization of Brothers Mrštík’s novel A Year in the Village, for which he was awarded in 1993 the Alfred Radok Award. In 1996 he became the artistic director of Dejvické divadlo. The heart of the new ensemble was Krobot’s graduating class from the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. This ensemble brought in the DD some of the students’ performances, among others the musical Kennedy’s Children (Oh, dear Buddha!) that was reprised more than hundred times.

The first play directed by him in Dejvické divadlo was E. A. Poe’s short stories adaptation The Soothing Method. In 2001 the role of the Father in Petr Zelenka’s Tales of Common Insanity brought him another Radok Award, this time in the Talent category. In 2005 he won the Český lev Award for the same role in the film adaptation of the play. He appeared in another movies as well, including Participants of the Trip, The Country Teacher, The Man from London, Little Girl Blue, The House or Alois Nebel, and most recently In the Shadow, Burning Bush, District League and Revival.

In 2014, he directed his first film Nowhere in Moravia. His second film as director was The Quartett released in 2017.
Apart from the work in DD, Miroslav Krobot is a teacher at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and cooperates with another theatres as a guest director.
At the end of 2013/2014 season, Krobot stepped down as Dejvické divadlo's artistic director, a post he held since 1996. Nowadays he is a member of the ensemble as an actor.

Previous Direction:
M. Bulgakov: Flight, Západočeské divadlo Cheb, 1977
I. S. Turgenev: A Month in the Country, Západočeské divadlo Cheb, 1977
W. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliete, DVÚ Hradec Králové, 1982
V. K. Klicpera: Aunties and Uncles, DVÚ Hradec Králové, 1982
A. Mitta, Y. Dunsky: Shine, Shine, My Star, DVÚ Hradec Králové, 1983
B. Brecht: The Threepenny Opera, DVÚ Hradec Králové, 1984
M. Dursi: Bertoldo, Realistic Theatre, 1985
V. Shukshin: Lines on the Palm, Realistic Theatre, 1985 - The Czech Literature Fund Prize
K. Steigerwald: Period Dances, Realistic Theatre, 1985
T. Dorst: Merlin: Or, the Wasteland, Realistic Theatre, 1988 - Czech Literature Fund Prize
M. Gorky: Vassa Zheleznova, National Theatre, 1986
F. de Rojas: La Celestina, National Theatre, 1988
The Čapek Brothers: The Insect Play, National Theatre, 1990
G. Tabori: Weisman and Copperface, National Theatre, 1991
C. Goldoni: The Mistress of the Inn, National Theatre, 1992
A. and V. Mrštík: A Year in the Village, National Theatre, 1993 - Alfred Radok Award for Best Play, Czech Literature Fund Prize for Dramatization
N. V. Gogol: Marriage, National Theatre, 1994
E. O’Neill: A Moon for the Misbegotten, National Theatre, 1994
Sophocles: Oedipus the King, National Theatre, 1996

Direction in Dejvické divadlo:
O. Kryštofek: The Twelve Moons, 1996
R. Patrick: Kennedy’s Children (Oh, dear Buddha!), 1996
E. A. Poe: The Soothing Method, 1997
W. Shakespeare: Twelfth Night; or, What You Will, 1999
G. G. Márquez: The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and her Heartless Grandmother, 1999
I. A. Goncharov: Oblomov, 2000 - The Czech Literature Fund Prize for Dramatization
The Enchanted Snake, 2001
A. P. Chekhov: Three Sisters, 2002
M. Krobot: The Syrup, 2002
W. A. Mozart: The Magic Flute, 2003
K. F. Tománek: KFT/Reality Sandwiches®, 2004
W. Shakespeare: Hamlet, 2006
F. M. Dostoyevsky / M. Krobot: The Idiot, 2008
D. Kelly: Debris, 2009
A. Kaurismäki: The Man Without a Past, 2010 – Alfred Radok Award for Best Play
M. Krobot: Brian, 2012 – Alfred Radok Award for Original Czech Play
M. Krobot, L. Smékal: Honey, 2017

Roles in Dejvické divadlo:
Father – Tales of Common Insanity, 2001 – Alfred Radok Award for Best Talent
Father – A Blockage in the System, 2012
Pjotr Sorin – The Seagull, 2013
Frank – Brian, since 2013
Antigonus, Old shepherd - The Winter's Tale, 2015
Tomorrow, or Who Is a Gentleman Here, 2018