Dubbing Street / Petr Zelenka

There are two things the Czechs are really good at: drinking alcohol and dubbing

Zelenka’s bitterfunny play „about booze and dubbing“ is not what it seems at first sight. In the first plan, it is a dark comedy that transforms the in-yer-face theatre style into a home version and makes its apt caricature at the same time. But there is much more in this amusing pack than just ironizing what the director himself presents: one cannot fail to notice that it is an authentic existencial testimony. The audience sees it being formed, slowly and naturally, along with the gradual self-destruction of all characters. The sad characters are again, as in Tales of Common Insanity, caught in a vicious circle, and what they experience is by no means a primitive criticism or accusation of the system: it is just capturing of causes and effects in a dramatically precise way.

Jana Machalická, Lidové noviny