Theremin / Petr Zelenka

A story of a man who changed the face of modern music forever. Dedicated to Robert Moog

…Proven "zelenkian" actor Ivan Trojan is in his role of Teremin surprisingly disciplined, indrawn. He reveals the nature of his character with inner tension and without his usual eccentricity. What has just been said he speedily casts doubt upon only to slightly uncover the real motivation of Teremin’s actions in the final point. He puts together such a psychologically lively portrait of a man who was born in a wrong time, of a pragmatic who readily abandons his wife as well as a lover without a remorse, as well as of a likable enthusiast who easily attracts interest of women and admiration of men. Ivan Trojan gave his character another authentic dimension though his perfect mastering of the play on real thereminvox.
Although the story is situated into a relatively distant history of the turn of the 1920s, it reflects the tragic experiences of people affected by communism and the whole politically divided world. Zelenka’s play offers a strong reflection of a system, which was influencing all our lives until recently, without appeals and black-and-white simplifications.
Saša Hrbotický, Hospodářské noviny