Stuck / David Doubt*

A play about people who get stuck in a lift

(…) No matter which of Dejvické divadlo’s productions you see, none of them leaves you depressed or with unpleasant feelings. But they are not pathetic or poster-like either. The newest production (…) was created without use of an already prepared script. At the beginning, there was nothing but a situation of a group of people in a place from which there is no way out for a certain time: an elevator stuck between floors of an unspecified tall building and five different characters in it. This limited space along with that unexpected window of time when the only thing you can do is wait naturally creates potentially dramatic situations. 

After all characters have used up their repertoire of temporary ticks, the performance can go deeper to more painful levels and thus the existencial subtext is deepened. And there are character types presented that each of us meets in our lives. So it doesn’t matter at all that this all-evening etude doesn’t say anything else than that everyone has their own problems, their very specific life. And in this life it is of no importance whether they are rich or poor, loved or unloved, young or old, single or in a relationship. The important thing is rather how they deal with the life they have. (...)

Jana Soprová, ČRo