Brian / Miroslav Krobot

A play about an expedition

...Themes related to the rise and fall of human soul have always interested Miroslav Krobot, both as an author and a director. His characters are bitterly funny people whose real life often merge with a virtual reality and mysterious interventions of fate. The play Brian represents the essence of connection of these motives, as Brian Jones was an extraordinary person in many ways. Although new facts emerged in the new Millennium that suggest he was murdered, Krobot’s version leaves this question open. It deals with Brian’s soul devastated by drug addiction and with his unpredictable behaviour...</>
Jana Soprová, Český rozhlas

… Instead of depicting the last days of a self-destructive rock star, Krobot comes up with a surprisingly conciliatory metaphor of dying, with a melancholy view of the inexorable departing...
Vladimír Mikulka, Respekt