The Murder of Gonzago / Jiří Havelka, DD*

Sin is sin, even when the conscience is trying to make us believe the opposite

Using the theatre in theatre phenomenon, Havelka along with the actors ask questions about how far art can go, where is the line between truth and fiction or about the relationship between the actors and roles they perform.

Tomáš Šťástka



The Murder of Gonzago managed to combine the uncombinable: actors' introspective reflections on their work, private life and relation to the world with a tense documentary drama about the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, the former KGB officer known as Vladimir Putin’s fierce critic. Dejvické divadlo's play written and directed by Jiří Havelka pushes the boundaries of drama. The originality of its form and presented ideas is astonishing, and the audience is captivated by the intensity of actors’ expression. The two-and-a-half-hour spectacle gets along without any visual and sound effects as a crutch, yet it doesn’t give the audience a chance to breathe. […] The dramaturgical, authorial and directional intention is a lot more profound and fundamental: to point out to the sense of actors' profession, to their ability of awaking people from lethargy and using the power of their mastery to make an impact on social conscience. The Murder of Gonzago is Dejvicke divadlo’s extraordinary artistic triumph, the greatest one in the past two years.

Saša Hrbotický